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Louis is a blue bunny that I crocheted for a friend to give as a gift to a new baby.  I embroidered the baby’s initials on Louis’ bottom!! Contact me if you would like me to make any gifts for you or your family for birthdays, Christenings etc.  You can choose the animal and colour etc.  Cost will be about £15 – £20 depending on the size, wool etc. A personal gift on a special occasion is even more special.

My beautiful and colourful arm knitted scarves

These are my homemade arm knitted scarves. I’m selling them on Etsy for £26 at the moment, but if you know me, come and see me (or email etc) and I’ll do you a special price!! They’re all different colours and keep you warm on a chilly day.  Great cosy Christmas presents without needing to go shopping with all the crowds!!!!

Ruby and Lewis 

These are two dollies I made that to fit inside dolls houses. They have little fabric and cardboard cots to match as well. They are made out of Fimo which is a type of clay. I made them using different skin colours depending on who they were for so that they matched the child.  Contact me if you would like me to make some for you.  They’re only a few pounds each and make a lovely personal gift for a child.